Duo Emilia Lajunen & Suvi Oskala

”Before this concert, I had not grasped what playing as a duo truly was. As musicians, they had an incredible connection with one another throughout the gig.”
– Veikko Halmetoja, art gallerist and art critic

”I cried, I laughed, I bought the album. Marvellous gals, one of the best club gigs of my life!”
– Rosa Meriläinen, author

Duo Emilia Lajunen & Suvi Oskala’s sound varies between fragile and rich and the duo has often been noted to sound like more than two instruments. All in all their music suites all sorts of venues and is also easy to dance to!

Both players of Duo Emilia Lajunen & Suvi Oskala are of the very best Finnish folk fiddling can offer. Their repertoire consists of traditional Finnish fiddle tunes which the duo has arranged with a twist. Their music has been described as chamber music played rhythmically by two professional folk fiddlers. The latest additions to the duo’s repertoire are commission compositions by eg. Mikael Marin of Väsen and Johanna Juhola.

Since the release of their debut album ‘Tyttörinki’  in 2012 the duo has toured extensively in Finland and they have also performed abroad in Scandinavia, the UK, South Korea and India. Their second album will be released by Nordic Notes in March of 2018!


”The duo combines their familiarity with the tradition with a strong individual voice while, refreshingly, playing without too many frills. The focus is on the music; on drive and rhythm.”
– Amanda Kauranne, Finnish Broadcasting company