Some good news! I got a one year grant from Arts Promotion Centre Finland. Basically that means I can focus on my very own artistic work for one year – new material, new CD, concerts and such. But I am not supposed to use the grant for my thesis, and I should not teach too much. These conditions are quite alright, but they mean that my schedule needs some adjusting. Luckily I can postpone the grant for a while.

Nice problems to have. Thanks Taike!

My CO2-free bicycle tour continues, this time with my sister-in-violin-and-bike Suvi. We will play about fifteen concerts in festivals and small venues in Southern Finland – and move by bike, of course, to save the world.

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Juuri & Juuri Korpin marssi / The Raven´s March and Duo Emilia Lajunen & Suvi Oskala: Piilokisa / The Hidden Frolic are both now published. And from the same record company, by Nordic Notes.



On the October 2018 Emilia Lajunen is also attending Womex 2018 Las Palmas, Gran Canaria.

At the moment I am working on new material for the second and third concert of my doctoral thesis. That means a kind of emergency, but in the middle of rush it is nice to know that I have two CD’s just waiting for publishing. With Suvi Oskala we recorded works that we have comissioned from our favourite composers, and with Eero Grundström (Juuri & Juuri) we finally had time to explore some new territories between runo songs and fiddle music.

In just a moment I can feel the exciting smell of fresh CD…

Ritva Nero is almost a heavy metal band. It is difficult to amplify nyckelharpa without major feedback issues.

So tonight I have been testing my new toy, ToneDexter. Google it and you will find that it promises quite a lot. Well, I borrowed some quality mics (DPA and Schoeps) and used them to teach ToneDexter how I would like a basic piezo mic to sound with nyckelharpa.

So far so good, ToneDexter learns quite fast and makes my nyckelharpa sound pretty good even with the piezo mic. After the next rehearsal and gig I will know more.

Maybe ToneDexter will be helpful also in my solo projects when I use looper.