Beginning of the year 2023 has been busy. There is new solo album coming! It has took while to build but now Vainaan perua: Satavuotinen sakka start to be ready. There is music which was born during Emilia´s artistic research and doctoral studies. She has been finishing doctoral studies, writing thesis about how musician can use archive recordings and simultaneous dancing and playing as method to make new music. It has been long, interesting and different way.

Photo by Maarit Kytöharju

Photo by Tiia Öhman

Ritva Nero´s debut album ”The Immortal Tradition” has released and it has already got many great reviews from all over the world. Emilia is also planning to release second solo album.

Mytty-iltamat 2021

21.-23.9.2021 we were touring with Mytty-iltamat on some small places in Middle of Finland area. It was very nice to have concerts and performances going on after while. Thanks all great kids in audiences!

21.-23.9.2021 saimme kiertää Mytty-iltamien kanssa Keski-Suomessa päiväkodeissa esiintymässä. Oli ilo nähdä pientä yleisöä ja huomata tämänkin konseptin sopivan loistavasti myös aivan pienimmille. Uusia keikkoja on luvassa nopeammin kuin luulimme, jo lokakuussa!


The summer 2020 has been something really different than any one until this. But in a good way. There were great moments in Northern Norway, places like Skibotn, Alta and forest with the family but also visiting by boat to Kalla, Finland. Among very touching, beautiful summer days I recorded some music and videos also with my brother Olli Lajunen. Some of those tunes will be heard at virtuaalikaustinen 2020.